Work collaboration

With the strong secured data room,
you can share the documents with others safely.

Advanced Folder Access Permissions

Add a group and set view level permissions by groups for strong security.
Set permission levels for the same folder for different user groups to display differently.

Manage Comments

Add a comment on a document to communicate with group members or use it as a memo.

Share a document

Share a document temporarily with unregistered VDR users.

Manage Comments

Add a comment on a document to communicate with group members or to use it as a memo function.

LegalTech VDR helps you to
make business decisions with confidence.

VDR Solution Comparison Chart
Features/Name LegalTech VDR
Headquater Domestic/ Foreign South Korea
Server Region Domestic/ Foreign Domestic
How to use Web browsing/ Installing Web browsing
Multi-Language Support Support Korean
Extended Web Viewer Web Viewer File Extensions 83 file extensions(incl.Hangul HWP)
Temporary Folder Filling up on PC Cookies, Temporary Files Not created
File Upload & Download Limit Maximum File Size per File Maximum 5GB
File Upload & Download Speed Up/Download Speed (For 2GB upload) In 10 Minutes
Create Rooms Maximum Number of Adding Rooms No Limited
User Functions Create Template / Duplicate Rooms
Request Fils via Email
File Upload Notification
Add Bookmarks
Customer Support Quick Support
Technical Support Visit
Online Error Reporting
Get Feedbacks and Update Constantly
Security Functions Allow Specific IP Access All supported
Two-Step Verification
Screen Capture Prevention
Set Watermarks
Set Folder/Room Permission Level
by Individual Users
Service Payment KRW/USD KRW