Confidential information sharing & collaboration
Virtual data room
for corporate digital innovation initiatives

What is VDR

VDR is more than just file sharing.
It is a solution that provides a secure environment for confidential data sharing with tightened security and collaborative measures for access control.
M&A, Corporate Investment, Due Diligence for IPO Minimizing the risk of data leak, maximizing the productivity with advanced security measures that will lead to successful business and protection of digital assets.

  • Advanced Security & Activity Logs Advanced Security & Activity Logs
  • Faster upload of bulk files Faster upload of bulk files
  • Elaborate access control of sensitive documents Elaborate access control of sensitive documents
  • Multi-lingual platform Multi-lingual platform


Safer environment for the sensitive data

LegalTech VDR will keep your working environment safe.

  • WebViewer for 3D/CAD/DICOM/CTD
  • Authorized IP Setting
  • Two step verification access
  • Dynamic watermark


User friendly functions

LegalTech VDR is designed to provide a seamless user experience.

  • Simple User UI
  • Unlimited project room creation
  • Various plug-ins
  • Dynamic bookmark


Project security & Private user management

Convenient activity log for easy collaboration

  • Easier and faster bulk file upload
  • emplate/room duplicate
  • File Version management
  • Activity log management

Work Collaboration

Safer and faster third party file sharing & collaboration

Improved productivity with real time communication

  • Authorization level by user & file
  • Comments management
  • Data request from the third party
  • Real time file check with mobile app
Work Collaboration


Building up success
together with our clients


Solution for

  • The product experience was great. We were successfully able to execute due diligence for M&A. The group and individual settings for access authorization worked great and we were able to securely have third party personnel collaborate without any issues. Accounting Consulting Firm – Finance Adviser
  • I am very pleased with the ease of use. Especially impressed with the speed of bulk file uploads & downloads. We were able to expedite the permit process with effective collaboration. Sharing sensitive and confidential key data such as newly developed drug and clinical related one that need tight security is always a concern but not with LegalTech VDR. Pharmaceutical Company – Business Development Overseas permit manager
  • We are extremely satisfied with the product. We had to share very confidential data for investment opportunity due diligence. Especially the setting the different authorization level and activity log were very convenient features. Compared to very expensive imported brand of similar VDR, it is very cost effective yet provides needed security and convenience. Bio – Bio Business Development Team
  • I loved several features; Domestically located server is very convenient to keep the sensitive domestic M&A data. Initial Training Program and Superfast Tech Support, Screen Capture limit and Authorization settings by user. Finance – M&A team
  • We used it to share internal data with overseas branch office. The satisfaction level is very high. We were able to create unlimited data room by project. And the WebViewer supports CAD which was very convenient. The Dynamic watermark on video file and capture block function were also very satisfactory. Manufacturing/Service – Manufacturing Strategic Development Team


What is LegalTech VDR?
VDR is an abbreviation of Virtual Data Room and it is a cloud based solution to provide safe and secure environments to store and share confidential data. LegalTech Inc. is the first and the only company to produce the solution 100% in Korea. LegalTech VDR is the safest, fastest VDR of its kind with 24/7dedicated local support. LegalTech VDR will help your project to be carried out anywhere, without security concern.
Success Stories
LegalTech VDR is the best solution when the project involves multiple users or groups including third party participants. When you need access and permission level control, LegalTech VDR can provide security protection, seamless collaboration, and file sharing. Also, when you have a very limited corporate policy in sharing files with third party, partnership, open innovation, joint venture etc., LegalTech VDR will provide a secure and safe environment to work with.
Service fee information
LegalTech VDR is a subscription based service. Price is determined by Data Size, User Counts and Period of Time. Data size start from 1GB, when the pricing is selected by data size. And in this case, unlimited number of users can share. When your project shares with many users, it is very effective. User account start from one person and 1GB when the pricing is selected by user count. When your project has limited number of participants, this pricing will be more effective.
How to subscribe?
You can either start by selecting the optimal monthly plan from our website www.legatech.co.kr or you can contact us for custom plan.
System Requirement
LegalTech VDR does not require advance system set up. As long as Internet network environment is working, it will be working for you.
User Training and Support
We are proud to provide local technical support 24/7/365 by phone, email, or quick guide, or if requested, office visits are also possible